Black Friday....Some deals aren't as good as they seem

With Black Friday upon us. We have offered a 20% discount across the board (except gift cards and shipping) which I think most will agree is a good deal. We feel that getting a discount on these days should be a genuine one. Unfortunately it seems that a lot of bigger retailers are manipulating the prices to give the illusion of a Black Friday discount. Which? research also found that 95 per cent of products in Black Friday ‘deals’ are cheaper or the same price after the sales. And 61 per cent are cheaper before Black Friday. In 2017, 49 per cent of products were found to be cheaper before or after Black Friday (credit msn news).

So please be careful when selecting your Black Friday deals. Do your research. Check the small print and be realistic. If a product has been lowered from £20 to £1 and is now out of stock, then the deal probably never existed in the first place, its a way to get you in.

Have a good weekend and take advantage of some GENUINE bargains on our website