All Change

Since our last blog post, a lot has happened so we just wanted to fill you in with the latest news. Firstly we have closed our shop and moved to online only. This was a tough decision to make but unfortunately since reopening after the covid restrictions, the footfall in the town centre was not the same. This coupled with car park closures and other mismanagement issues in our shopping centre left us with no choice but to make the move online only.

The great thing about the move is that our outgoings are considerably less so we are passing on the savings to you all by reducing the prices. In this cost of living crisis, we are doing everything we can to help by bringing you more great items at reasonable prices.

We are also bringing back the younger fashion from the 26th of this month with Chelsea joining us. We will be expanding out TikTok and Instagram as well as continuing on Facebook as usual.

So exciting times coming up. Thank you all for being part of it so far and supporting us, its much appreciated.

Jane and Ian x